Finally, MacOS Sierra 10.12 DP1 on old 2010 TOSHIB…


Finally, MacOS Sierra 10.12 DP1
on old 2010 TOSHIBA Satellite #L645-PSK0JL

~ CPU: Intel Core i3 380M @2.53GHz (Arrandale) upto SSE4.2 Instruction set.
~ Graphics: Intel HD 1st Gen (8086:0046) @288MB VRam.
~ RAM: Samsung 2 x 2GB DDR3-SDRAM @1333MHz
~ HDD: Hitachi 500GB AHCI-SATA2 @5400RPM.
~ Audio: Conexant CX20585
~ Wireless: Atheros AR9285 (BCM4313 Replaced)
~ Ethernet: Atheros AR8152 v1.1
~ Others: InsydeH2O v2.0 BIOS, USB2.0 on ICH5 Chipset, Legacy+MBR Partition Scheme, El Capitan 10.11.6 Beta + Windows 10 64-bit + Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on another partiton all in 1 HDD.

#Installation Methods:
~ BIOS Settings (Legacy Only): SATA Controller: AHCI, Execute Disable-bit: Enable, Intel VT-d: Disable (or using dart=0 bootarg), Intel TurboBoost: Enable, Wireless-LAN-TouchPAD: Enable, USB Legacy Emulation: Enable, Display Mode: Auto. (F12 for Boot Devices Option)
~ Pandora’s Box for creating Bootable USB Installer:
or using Clover r3565 Special Edition v3
~ MBR Patch for Sierra 10.12 DP using
~ USB Injection for bypassing stuck on “Waiting for root device”. Thanks to Bro Andres for this awesome fix. :v or alternatively using 10.11’s IOUSBFamily + Rehabman’s USBInjectAll.kext (correct me if it was mistake)
~ Using already Patched DSDT, MBP6,2 SMBios, FakeSMC v6.20.1410, kext-dev-mode=1 bootarg, boot Clover with or w/o Caches (try both for prelinkedkernel issue, r3565 seems solved this)

#L645 currently working:
~ Intel HD 1st Gen Graphics with QE/CI Enabled using Patched 10.11’s AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext (Clover’s OTF method for LW “Link Width” patching used for 10.10 & 10.11 seems not working on 10.12)
~ Conexant CX20585 Audio with working Speaker Output + Internal Mic using VoodooHDA 2.8.8 (for now; say “Goodbye” to Siri if using AppleHDA or AppleALC on this buggie conexant chip)
~ Atheros AR9285 Wireless, AR8152 Fast Ethernet, Built-in Webcam, 3 USB2.0 Ports, ACPI Battery Indicator, etc.
~ Fullspeed USB2.0 (don’t compare it with USB3.0 LoL :v )
~ Features: Siri Personal Assistant, App Store, etc.

#L645 currently not working yet:
~ Realtek USB2.0 Card Reader
~ Built-in Combo Bluetooth
~ VGA Output (not trying yet and no HDMI here)
~ PS2 Controller compatibility issue causes FN+Keys functions & TrackPad gone (at this moment).

#Notes: Untuk saat ini, MacOS 10.12 Sierra DP1 pakai minim CPU dg instruksi SSE4.1, jadi untuk Arrandale based smisal Intel Westmare Pentium P6xxx yg msih SSE3.1 contoh punya Mas Fajar Aditiya Sukma harap bersabar nungguin “Emulator” yg jln di kernel Darwin 16.x. Penasaran nyicip, bakal ngadepin KP yg disebabin “lauchhd process, dies with signal 4: illegal instruction”. So, stay max di OSX El Capitan 10.11.x. Sumber:

Big #Thanks to Om Andres dan ijin nge-Tag (just report 🙂 )
and let’s say “OK Google..! on Siri” (Panjang banget yak, sorry Brai) he hee 🙂



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